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On flickr there are more fish photos and not just of my fish!



Percy in the Hex tank, November 2004.

Percy, not fat, just dancing! :)

Cedric ( back) and Percy ( front) not being keen on having their photos taken in good light! ( ie, interogation conditions!) ( click for bigger image.)(Nov 2004)


Despite being bigger, rounder and more aggressive Cedric aint one for the camera, but here he is "almost" by himself.. he has white tips to his tail, not that they made it onto this pic! ( Nov 2004)

"Fish" September 2004.


"Boy", normal view of him. I dont think he's camera shy, just uncooperative :) (larger image behind)(Nov 2004)


Fish does have a glorious tail. Not helped by a red bulb being in the lamp, here it looks like he has chronic ammonia burns and septicemia, but, ignore that.. honest its looking better now than in ages! ( Nov 2004)

(click for bigger image) Fish and Boy, Nov, 2004. Almost chums, apart from feeding time. :)


Percy and Cedric in their new tank, 29th March 2005. Click for bigger image.

Percy on the right, Cedric on the left. Percy is much closer to the camera, in reality Cedric is now much bigger. March 2005.

Percychan April 2005

After tank reorganisation, no flash so the colours are more realistic, but the image isnt as sharp.


Cedric is now almost big enough for his tail to touch the water surface when he looks for food on the bottom of the tank.


Side by side, Cedric and Percy refuse to believe they have already eaten all the peas.


Destroying the tank after new plants have gone in.

Percy comes to see what I am doing up that end of the tank.

Corydora Concolor hiding under the filter

Two of the Pygmy Corys

A couple of the guppies when I first had them

Some of the Black Phantom tetra