I am sorry to report that Fishnthings.co.uk is now closed. I am leaving these pages here incase this information can help you with your fishes. I suggest if you want to chat to someone or browse more advice you try the forum at KokosGoldfish.com, it specialises in Goldies, but you can get help there for any kind of fish. Try and get as much info as possible together before you post for help and I am sure someone will assist you.


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The Clinic

Its not easy with fish to tell whats wrong, so here at the clinic we will try and help you find some answers. On the left is a link to "symptoms" that can help you if you dont know what ailment your fish is suffering from. On the right is a list of conditions, so once your fish receives a diagnosis you can quickly get help with treating it.

More often than not, the problem with any fish is caused by WATER QUALITY.

If you havent checked your water parameters ( Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH) do so first. Getting the water right always helps!

Main Links:

List of Symptoms.

List of Diseases and Treatments.

Anatomy of a Fish.

Poop diagnosis technique.

Water Health Section.

Setting up a Tank




Anatomy of a Fish.

Welcome to Jeff the Fish. Jeff is a Combi-fish; exhibiting physical elements of lots of different kinds of fish. Often in order to understand fish diseases and symptoms an idea of the anatomy of a fish can be useful.

Jeff is aimed at new fish owners, to get an idea of how a fish is put together. He is most like a "Fancy Goldfish" . However if you are interested in the anatomy of a specific kind of fish, this may not be correct for all species.


Poop diagnosis technique for fish.

You can tell alot about a fishes health from their poop. Dont titter! A good poop is generally short, chunky and reflects the colour of the food they have recently eaten. However if the poop changes it can help with the diagnosis of problems.

Long thin poop - Not eating well, possibly stressed or ailing.

Thick long poop - Constipated or over feeding. If it looks like its coming out exactly as it went it the fish will not be digesting it properly.

Zig Zag or clear poop - The fish is reabsorbing its eggs.

Very thin stringy white poop - usually a sign of an internal bacterial infection. Double check for other signs tho if a white or pale food is being fed to the fish.

Clear Poop with bubbles - Fish is not eating well or is eating bubbles, sometimes a sign of gill irritation.

Dark sausage like poop with long mucous like casing often floats - Foods are being fermented by gas trapped within, causing bacteria. Fish may also be eating bubbles, or eating floating food.

No poop, but water is tinged brown - Fish may have diarrhoea or be passing blood. A sign of serious problems.

Water health section.

The first thing you need to understand is the Nitrogen Cycle. Look at the diagram below and when its firmly in your brain, read on!

Click here for the water health page please



Disease and Treatment

Saprolegnia (Sap) (External fungal infection)

Scale Protrusion


Swim Bladder Disorder





Whirling Disease (Myxospora)










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